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introducing the
PCOS Labs &
Dietitian Review Bundle

aka: get comprehensive testing +dietitian personalized recommendations

Get answers to questions like:

  • How severe is my insulin resistance?
  • Is it my ovaries or my adrenals that are making too much androgens?
  • Is my hair falling out because of my thyroid or my PCOS?
  • Do I need extra vitamin D?
  • Which supplements will help my symptoms the most?

We can answer those questions with the right testing!

Personalized Labs + Personalized Recommendations

Over the past seven years, I have helped thousands of women with PCOS reach their goals of getting pregnant, losing weight, improving symptoms.

 Oftentimes I have been the first medical professional pulling thorough labs and developing a plan with them. 

Gone are the days of just receiving a prescription that everyone gets.

Let’s personalize things based off of YOUR data and YOUR goals.

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Once you purchase the package you will receive an intake form requesting information about your health, goals, past labs, diagnosis and more. We will use this to make sure we personalize your lab order based on your needs, goals, and history.

Get Your Labs Drawn

Once your information is reviewed a dietitian will personalize your lab orders and place an order. You will receive an email to schedule your draw. Your dietitian will give you information on what day of your cycle is best to draw labs.
**If you aren't cycling, don't worry we will be able to guide you as to how best to plan your lab draw.

Get Your Plan

Once lab results have been posted, Caitlin Johnson, PCOS Dietitian will review your results and send you a comprehensive plan including specific nutrition recommendations, supplement recommendations, and a list of follow up questions for your doctor based on your results.

Who this package is for:

  • Any one with a PCOS diagnosis or suspecting a PCOS diagnosis
  • If you have goals to lose weight, improve symptoms or get pregnant
  • If you live in the United States (except for New Jersey or New York)

You need more than just a prescription for birth control.

I want to give you control of your hormonal future, the confidence that you are making changes based on what is going on in your body RIGHT NOW, a proven framework for ovulating, decreasing androgens, eating to nourish your body, what supplements work, and what to throw away. 

I want you to be empowered in your hormone journey and not have to depend on doctors to give you access to treatment when you “lose enough weight.”


beware… getting individual support may change your life


receive a video analysis & personalized recommendations from a PCOS registered dietitian

What's included in the black friday lab testing and recommendation bundle:

  • Tests ordered to help assess PCOS hormones, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies, thyroid health, inflammation, and androgens
  • An intake form to complete so we can gather some information on your goals and medical history
  • A personalized video interpretation from Caitlin Johnson, RD
  • An accompanied email with individual recommendations based on your goals & results
  • 10% off supplements from PCOS Formularies


get the bundle for only $497

what they say about getting this information

Caitlin provided lab analysis and review of my supplements in April of this year and I just confirmed pregnancy two weeks ago. I didn’t know how much I needed a more personalized approach. I can never thank Caitlin enough. 

~Prishna A.


Three years ago Caitlin ran a thorough lab panel and did a health assessment with recommendations. I had seen 3 OBs, 2 Naturopaths, an Acupuncturist, and an Endocrinologist. No one had the level of information and support I received from Caitlin. Based on my labs Caitlin zeroed in on an issue they had all missed and I was pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter within months of implementing Caitlin’s recommendations. If you are wondering if you need a more personalized approach, take it from me, Caitlin changed my life forever. Not just in having my daughter but the confidence I found in knowing how to go about supporting my body.

~Erin S.